“COME ON! IT’LL be fun…” Garrett never once recognized in his planning how difficult planting tent stakes under the cover of darkness might be. Now he wishes he had, because this shit is so frustrating it might turn him into one of tomorrow’s cynical old men; new generations are born every day. Right now he just wants to crawl into their overly expensive sleeping bag and be done with the day. Tammi and the dog watch the entire setup process from the front of the couples’ tan SUV.
  Waking up in the morning to find that frame rod X, which should have been connected to W on the left and Y on the right, ended up puncturing José’s dish (inappropriately placed in front of tent flap 4, but that’s beside the point) and now Tammi is demanding one of the cereal bowls to let her Chihuahua sate itself. “More like fill its water balloon bladder,” thinks Garrett before packing back up and setting off on another day filled with adventure that will inevitably end with breaking out the…..





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