“I am so angry that I feel like taking off forever and never coming back.”

  Ashley laughs bitterly. “As if that could ever happen. No we are well and truly trapped forever. You can bet your life that we will never escape from our family. If we did they would find us in no time and then things would be a whole lot worse. No we must think about this situation and work out how to deal with it to our advantage. Our father may think that he holds all the cards but we can be every bit as devious as him if we work together. One thing I do know is that I will not make this easy on him.”

  Fighting back my tears of anger I look at my sister Ashley in despair. It is like looking in a mirror because we are identical twins and not only look alike but very much think alike too.

  I sigh heavily. “I still can’t believe that he got so wound up over a comment. I mean it’s not as if we haven’t spoken to Luna like that before hundreds of times already.”

  Ashley nods. “The trouble is he doesn’t normally hear us. Typical that he overheard and now we have to endure this cruel punishment. Life is so unfair.”

  I sit back heavily and think about what happened.

  Luna is our father’s girlfriend and…..




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