Luna noticed how sweet the air seemed as she stuck her hands in her pockets. She took a deep breath, enjoying the feeling. Her walks always gave her a sense of freedom that she missed during the routine of her weekly activities. She let the feeling engulf her as she headed around the grass lining the park. It was her favorite part of town—quiet with less traffic. She could hear the birds in the nearby trees as she stepped into the park.

  Like every Monday, a group of teenagers surrounded the swing set, talking and laughing amongst themselves. Luna bowed her head to avoid making eye contact. A normal teenager would have been excited to see her classmates out of school; Luna felt anything but. She scurried past them like a rodent, hoping with all her might that none of them would notice her.

  But one did.

  One always did.

  His excitement showed as he jumped off the swing he had been sitting on. The last words spoken by the brunette beside him fell on deaf ears as he focused on Luna.

  “Hey, there,” he said, smiling as his stride fell into step with hers.

  Luna clenched her hands in frustration. I need a new route, she thought blankly as she glanced at him through…..



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