“I can’t believe I finally got you to come out with me.” Raine bounced in her seat as we made our way to the bar across town. “You haven’t been out since before we moved into the apartment.”

Raine and I had been friends since first grade. We grew up like sisters, never without the other. Our freshman and sophomore years we lived in separate dorms, but our junior year, we moved in together. We had only lived together for four months, but according to her, that was a lifetime of not going out.

“How could I say no when you were lying on the floor acting like a two-year-old?” I flashed her an irritated look.

“I was not,” she argued. She forcefully turned her head to glare out the side window, trying to avoid my stare.

If there was one thing Raine was good at, it was her ability to argue over anything.

“It didn’t hurt that you bribed me with your new jeans.” I smiled like I won something as I looked down at the jeans that fit me perfectly.

“Those are yours by the way, I bought you the same pair.” She returned my smile but…..




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