“Call me Goddess.”

A gentle reminder.

He knelt before me, a perfect specimen of a man. Ready to do my bidding. I have but to ask. This thought was pleasing to me as I gazed down at his face. Matthew, my pet and my dedicated servant, pledged to serve me for the last three years. Eager to please, and obedient. A smiled danced across my lips as I reached my hand out to touch him.

My fingers brushed his caramel colored skin and I heard him draw in a deep breath through his teeth. He was hot to the touch and I could feel his muscles trembling as I raked my fingernails across his shoulders and down his back, leaving behind my mark. He did not move as I ran my fingers through his hair, dark curls that fell perfectly around his face. A moan escaped his lips when I grabbed hold of his mane and yanked his head backward, forcing him to look up at me. His eyes closed instantly to avoid my gaze.

“Yes, my Goddess,” his response was almost a whisper. I smiled as I touched his flesh and goose pimples formed instantly…




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