The sign read, “Welcome to the Liberated States of America. Visitors must have proper I.D. and stop at check in centers to travel our roads and skies. If not, go back HOME!” Professor Braddock did not stop the Envo’s engine and continued flying through the air. True, you never know what to expect when venturing into the future, but their safety was most important.

“Something’s off.” He glanced around, suspiciously.

Pinky had been glad they finally reached their destination; the ride had been a little bumpy, but now she felt unsure. “Yeah. What does that mean, ‘Liberated States’? The U.S. changed its name? What are they liberated from? Where are we?” Pinky questioned.

“Should still be in Virginia, but I don’t trust it. Let’s travel a little bit.”

“How far ahead are we going? Who knows what it might be called if we go even further! I am still kind of curious about 2047,” Pinky pleaded.

“Oh, no further, not in time, anyhow. We need to just go further ‘down the road’ so to speak. Not to mention, by their standards, I am sure we don’t have ‘proper I.D.’” He shifted gears and the Envo went out of hover mode, then took off into the air. The Envo was a hybrid vehicle, so to speak, that had a body that looked like a smaller scale Edsel, a classic vehicle that the professor believed was never given a true chance, and the mind and engine of a Honda S2000. Had he been able to market it, such a vehicle would be the envy of many, so Milt called it the Envo. The time travel secret was in the supercharged engine and its ability to hit high speeds.







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